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An Angel Among Dogs

An Angel Among Dogs

To The Dogs #1

Charli Mac

Bethany is dead. It was horrible and violent, but it’s over now. And she’s still here, kind of, floating aimlessly in a vast nothingness, a mind without a body.

Kai Strand is First Hound. It’s a heavy responsibility, trying to ensure the survival of his race against the men who have always seen them as second-class citizens. After his Hounds are instrumental in winning a battle for valuable new land, he is astonished when Price Faron offers him an unbelievable reward: a chance to stand before the Ether at the Solar Convexion—the first in a hundred and fifty years—and see if he is lucky enough to call forth a spirit to bind.

A strange doorway opens before Bethany, pulling her through. Is it the real world or something else? On the other side, she finds a riot of noise and confusion…and a handsome man whose tortured expression called to her through the portal. She clings to him as he whisks her away into the night.

This may not have been the wisest decision because it seems there’s been a case of mistaken identities of epic proportion: he and his companions, Hounds, they call themselves, think she’s an angel. A sacred being with all sorts of powers. Ha.

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