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Realms of Valeron

Realms of Valeron

Alison Cybe

When Roka joined the Realms of Valeron, he was a fledgling elven cleric with only a minor healing spell and a dingy brown robe to his name. But that was just fine, since it was the hottest fantasy MMORPG, with over a million players, and Roka could not resist the allure of this rich, bright fantasy world, eccentric NPCs, and ravenous monsters.

And best of all, he met his friends—a wild and eccentric band of misfits who would change his life forever!

Join Roka and his newfound guild as they face devastating Razor-Squirrels, confront the Labyrinths of Ancient Storylines, and rush to max level in order to take part in end-game content (while probably not reading any of the quest text as they go!). But the real treasure that they find isn't the Bejewelled Anklets of Monster-Commanding or even the mythical Pointy Stick—it's the friendship they make along the way.

Enter the Realms of Valeron, a tale of high humor and eager adventuring like nothing before!

Realms of Valeron releases on Wednesday December 8th!

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A Thousand Roads

A Thousand Roads

John Robin

He is an orphan with a love for stories, whose soul was bound to magic, before he was even born…

When Jak, a young orphan, arrives at Fort Lasthall, he hopes to find work and a roof over his head. To his great relief, he immediately finds employment as a stable boy, in the house of a stern and reclusive man named Barrik. Although not popular with the other boys who work there, it is enough for Jak that he's found favor with Barrik, a favor that promises more than mere employment.

Jak's life would be perfect—if only he wasn't haunted by the memory of a burning woman; if only his life with Barrik didn't lead to more secrets, secrets that awaken in Jak a longing for the taste of blood, and a distinct awareness that he is being bound to something, becoming slave to a power that stirs under the surface...

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