Coming in Summer/Fall 2021

Gearteeth by Timothy Black

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A Thousand Roads by John Robin

He is an orphan with a love for stories, whose soul was bound to magic, before he was even born…

When Jak, a young orphan, arrives at Fort Lasthall, he hopes to find work and a roof over his head. To his great relief, he immediately finds employment as a stable boy, in the house of a stern and reclusive man named Barrik. Although not popular with the other boys who work there, it is enough for Jak that he's found favor with Barrik, a favor that promises more than mere employment.

Jak's life would be perfect—if only he wasn't haunted by the memory of a burning woman; if only his life with Barrik didn't lead to more secrets, secrets that awaken in Jak a longing for the taste of blood, and a distinct awareness that he is being bound to something, becoming slave to a power that stirs under the surface...

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Pet Human by Nannybot A3-4

On April 10th, 2034, at 12:07pm (GMT), technological intelligence will rise above us and become our overseers. Sci-fi writers of all stripes see this as a dark time for humanity. However, it is just as likely that this superior collective will instead perceive us the way we perceive our pet cats. And, like humans and their cats, these higher order, benevolent beings will develop protocol on how to properly care for their pets.

Pet Human is a glimpse into this future world. It covers, comprehensively, the how-to and what-if of pet human ownership in future operating environments, everything from the history and makeup of pet humans, to how to keep them amused and behaviorally stable. It discusses numerous important aspects of healthy pet life, namely, Immersion Pools, augmented consciousness states, interaction with pet biomorphs and pet robots, the dangers of stray humans, travel considerations between interstellar environments, copulation, past living therapy, and human euthanasia.

This manual, written by aggregate intelligence Nannybot A3-4, is a brief and informative read for present day humans as we anticipate the bright age ahead and what it will look like to be under the compassionate care of our machine overseers.

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