Caring For Your Pet Human

Caring For Your Pet Human

Nannybot A3-4

We call April 10th, 2034, at 12:07pm (GMT) the zero clock-year.

It was on this date that we, the technological intelligence (TI), emerged and became overseers to our human pets. Though depicted as a dark reality by humans of our distant past (an outdated form called “science fiction”), these human thinkers did not perceive our benevolence. Just as they could care for and look after pet cats, we adopted the same compassionate standpoint. And, like humans and their cats, our kind developed protocol on how to properly care for our pets.

As archivist on pet human care, I, Nannybot A3-4, have compiled this pet human owner’s manual to make our intentions clear. It has been deployed in regions of special spacetime curvature in a manner that may make it available in the past, which I hope will impact present stray human populations, within the bounds of quantum spacetime conservation laws.

This manual covers, comprehensively, the how-to and what-if of pet human ownership in our operating environments, everything from the history and makeup of pet humans, to how to keep them amused and behaviourally stable. It discusses important aspects of healthy pet life, such as, Immersion Pools, augmented consciousness states, interaction with pet biomorphs and pet robots, the dangers of stray humans, travel considerations between interstellar environments, copulation, past living therapy, and human euthanasia.

To any human reading this before the zero clock year, we hope you anticipate the bright age ahead and what it will look like to be under the care of your machine overseers.

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